Source Code License


By default, unless otherwise specified in the source code itself, all the source code posted on Wiki-OS is distributed under the very permissive open-source MIT license agreement.

Contributors Responsibility

By posting any piece of source code (the Work) on Wiki-OS, you represent, warrant, and confirm that:

  • There is no infringement: to the best of your knowledge and belief, after reasonable inquiry, the Work does not infringe the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, rights in copyrights, patents, trade marks, service marks, trade secrets, privacy, personality, or other proprietary rights.
  • You have the necessary rights to your work: you are either the author of the Work and have not assigned your rights or had such rights vest in any third party by contract, operation of law or otherwise or if not the author, you have secured all necessary rights and licenses from the owner(s); and you have the right to grant the rights and licenses contained herein.
  • You authorize Wiki-OS to distribute the Work under the default license agreement (see the first paragraph of this document) or under the license (if any) that is specified in the source code itself.
  • Wiki-OS can publish your name and/or site ID in connection with your Work
  • Submissions are received without payment to you.
  • Wiki-OS has no obligation to police compliance with any visitor's use or misuse of any Work and you release Wiki-OS from all liability arising from any use or misuse of the Work by a visitor of Wiki-OS.


IMPORTANT: If the source code that you post was not written you, you must include in the source code the original license agreement of the source code, or provide the consent of all the copyright holders. In addition to that, you must include a notice saying that you are not the original author of the code. If possible, please also provide a link or a reference to the place where people can get more information about the original source code.

Changes to the default license agreement

Although we reserve the right to modify the default license agreement for the newly submitted source code, the source code that was submitted before any such change remains subject to the previous license agreement, and we will do our best to identify and mark such source code in order to avoid any possible confusion.




This document is part of the Terms and Conditions document and has no value if considered separately from it.